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Stearic Acid Vacuum Feeder

Stearic acid is used as a lubricant, defoamer and food additives in the food industry as a raw material for glyceryl stearate, sorbitan stearate, and sucrose esters. It can also be used as a basic raw material for surfactants. It is widely used as a heat stabilizer for PVC. It has good lubricity and good light and heat stabilization. In addition, it is an indispensable raw material for the manufacture of general emulsified products in the cosmetics industry.

Recently, we have a customer asked about the transportation of stearic acid particles. The customer’s stearic acid particles are 1mm and require a handling capacity of 4-5 cubic meters, which is more than 2 tons. The height to be transported is 6 meters and needs to be transported. The horizontal convey distance is also 6 meters.

According to the customer's feedback, the customer also uses a vacuum conveyor/ feeder, but feels that the machine is not ideal, the output and effect of the conveying are not very good, and they are not satisfied with the after-sales service of the previous supplier. After detailed communication with the customer , And customers come directly to our factory to visit our vacuum conveyor/feeder workshop. Customers have always praised our vacuum conveyor/feeder for the details of the workmanship. In the end, the solution we provided to customers is our ZKS-6 vacuum conveyor/feeder. The plan is particularly recognized, and we will also do a good job of follow-up after-sales tracking services.

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