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Rubber Powder Vibrating Screening Machine

Rubber powder is widely used in sports plastic playgrounds, playgrounds, rubber floor tiles, waterproof coiled materials, waterproof coatings, road modified asphalt, rubber products and other fields.

After the first crushing and pulverization of waste tires, it becomes granular coarse powder. If it is to screen this coarse particle material,our customers usually required 1.8mm,and the screening aim is usually to remove the fine powder in it, it is recommended to use the linear screen and rotary vibrating screen of the DAYONG vibrating screen manufacturer. The DAYONG vibrating screen is easy to install, and at the same time The maintenance of the later operation is relatively simple, and it is more convenient to use; energy saving, while ensuring a faster and higher screening output, the energy consumption is also very small, which helps users and enterprises to effectively save expenses.

But if it is processed by a mill, the powder will generally be finer. This kind of fine powder is not easy to sieve, because the rubber powder itself is too fine and flexible. The specific screening plan should be based on the specific conditions of the customer's material.