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Titanium Dioxide Vibrating Screening Equipment

 Titanium dioxide is an important inorganic chemical pigment. The main component is titanium dioxide. The main application areas of titanium dioxide are: coatings, plastics, inks, and paper. Among them, coatings account for 60%, plastics 20%, paper 14%, and others ( Including cosmetics, chemical fiber, electronics, ceramics, enamel, welding rod, alloy, glass, etc.) accounted for 6%.

The screen size of titanium dioxide is usually 12-325 mesh or even finer; Material characteristics: white crystal or white crystal powder, easy to block the net, easy to absorb moisture.

The commonly used screening equipment is rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, which can complete the screening and classification of titanium dioxide and meet the screening needs of different users. However, due to the different screening requirements of customers, when users choose a vibrating screen, if they lack understanding of the titanium dioxide vibrating screen, it will cause difficulty in selection and cause unnecessary trouble.

So please choose the vibrating screen equipment provided by a regular professional manufacturer.