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Ghana millet high frequency vibrating screen

The millet manufacturing technique of Ghana client:
This customer from Ghana want to extract the milk from the dipped millet. So, he needs to put the millet into water to let them absorb enough water, then grind them. After grinding these millet, the material including chaff and milk. He told us that the chaff take up most part and the material is sticky. So, we recommended him to use the high frequency for filtering chaff.

Why choose high frequency vibrating screen:
The high frequency vibrating screen produced by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment could reach to 2900 times frequency. The high frequency produced specialized high frequency vibration motor could quickly disperse the sticky materials feeding on the surface once putting the material on the surface. Because of the water content of material is too large and the manually feeding material, for preventing crashing and damaging material, we design a buffer net on the inlet to make the feeding uniformly. This machine adopts single sieve two stretching grooves to make the sieve much firm so as to improving the sieving efficiency. Universal wheel could improve machine's flexibility. Delicate height adjustable device could cater to client's specific factory site requirement according to production line.
Below is the real product and detail parts picture: