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Plane Gyratory Screen For Rice Bran Screening

A small amount of rice husk and dust are mixed in rice bran during processing, and rice bran of different particle sizes is used in different industries, so how is the rice bran selected?

Rice bran is a lighter material with a specific gravity of 0.4, and the material has a certain degree of oiliness, and the fluidity is not particularly good, so the equipment of the vibration motor type is not suitable, and the output required by the customer is relatively large, so we recommend the plane gyratory screen.

According to the actual needs of customers, the screens are set to 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm, because the output needs to reach 3-5t, the 1535-3P plane rotary screen is selected. Why choose a flat rotary screen?

1.The movement trajectory of the material in the plane gyratory screen is different from other types of screening equipment. Its movement trajectory is S type, which maximizes the operating area of the material and meets the characteristics of large rice bran screening output.

2.Rice bran has poor fluidity and oily. Using a flat rotary screen, the rice bran will swing back and forth on the screen surface, which solves the possibility of rice bran blocking the net, especially for materials with light specific gravity and easy to block the net. Good treatment effect.

3.The flat gyratory screen has no vibration effect, so the screen has a longer service life. As long as the equipment is maintained regularly, its service life is longer and the production cost of the workshop is saved. Therefore, most manufacturers are willing to use this type of equipment.