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Application of urea linear vibrating screen

 The urea linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibration motor.  When two vibrating motors are synchronous and reverse rotating, the excitation force generated by their eccentric blocks is offset in the direction parallel to the motor axis. In the direction perpendicular to the shaft of the electric machine is folded into a force, so the motion of the sieve machine is a straight line. The axis of the two machines has an angle relative to the screen in the vertical direction, and the material is thrown, jumped or moved in a straight line on the screen under the action of the vibration force and the gravity of the material. To achieve the purpose of screening and grading materials. Suitable for screening of dry powder or granular materials with particle size of 0.074-5 mm and water content of less than 7%.

Characteristics of urea linear vibrating screen
Linear vibrating screen with high accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life, good sealing, dust free, easy maintenance, Can be used for automation in assembly line production.
Linear vibrating screen is widely used in chemical industry, food, plastic, medicine, metallurgy, glass, building materials, grain, chemical fertilizer, abrasive, ceramic and other dry powder materials.