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How to use a linear vibrating screen for sieving activated carbon

How to use a linear vibrating screen for sieving activated carbon

Activated carbon has strong adsorption, so it is widely used in chemical, food, environmental protection and other industries. Wood, coal, coconut shells, and various plant shells can produce activated carbon. Because there are many places where activated carbon is used, its specifications are also divided into granular and powder forms. How do 

linear vibrating screens classify activated carbon?

Linear vibrating screen is a rectangular structure in appearance, so it is also called square vibrating screen. This type of vibrating screen is based on double vibration motor at the same time to rotate at the opposite direction, with double excitation force. After the activated carbon enters the square vibrating screen and is intercepted by the mesh of the screen, under the dual forces of the self-gravity and the vibration motor, different specifications of activated carbon enter into different screen frames and are screened out at the respective discharge outlets. .

Activated charcoal square shaker screens the advantages of activated carbon:

1. The screening output and screening speed of the rectangular vibrating screen are larger than those of the circular vibrating screen.
2. activated carbon used in different places, the shape is not the same, when the activated carbon is granular, the rectangular sieve is often used, if the activated carbon powder is the need to use other types of shaker equipment.
3. Rectangular vibrating screen provides guarantee for the quality of activated carbon particles.