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The Difference Between Excited High Efficiency Linear Vibrating Screen And Ordinary Linear Vibrating Sieve

We have all linear vibrating screens, but for its classification, we may say that it is divided into light linear screens and heavy linear screens. This statement is also correct, but there are still many types of heavy linear screens and light linear screens. If it is accurate, it can also be said to be divided into excitation type high efficiency vibrating screen and ordinary linear vibrating screen. So how to distinguish?

(1) Structural difference: The biggest difference between the structure of the exciting high-efficiency linear screen and the ordinary linear vibrating screen is the difference in the excitation source. The ordinary linear vibrating screen uses two synchronous anisotropic vibration motors as the excitation source to stimulate vibration The high-efficiency linear screen is driven by an ordinary motor through a belt or a rotating shaft to drive the exciter as an excitation source. Because the exciting force of the exciting high-efficiency linear vibrating screen is relatively large, the machine generally uses a sieve plate instead of a screen (of course, there are also screens). The ordinary ones are generally composed of screens. The thickness of the sieve plate of the excited high-efficiency linear vibrating screen will be thicker than that of the ordinary linear vibrating screen.

(2) Different processing materials: The materials processed by the high-efficiency vibrating screen are generally too large, such as granite, coal, and quartz, which are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical industries and other industries. The materials processed by ordinary linear screens are generally used for powder and granular screening and separation, and are widely used in plastics, abrasives, chemicals, medicine, food, fertilizers, carbon and other industries.