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What Is The Difference Between Bran Dehydration Sieve And Ordinary Linear Vibrating Sieve

 Many manufacturers think that the bran dehydration sieve is an ordinary linear sieve, why is it called the bran dehydration sieve? In fact, the difference between the bran dehydration sieve and the ordinary linear sieve is too big.

(1) The function is different. Ordinary linear sieves are generally used for material separation and impurity removal, while the function of the bran dehydration sieve is to remove the excess water from the bran (of course, it is not 100% removed but the bran slurry is filtered into Wet bran)

(2) The structure is different, the discharge port is different from the feed port, and the location of the vibration motor is different. The bran dewatering screen is generally on the top, and the ordinary linear screen is generally on the bottom or on both sides, but there is also a small part. On top.

(3) The screens are different. Generally, the screens of ordinary linear screens are stainless steel woven screens or screens, while the screen structures of bran dewatering screens include woven screens, perforated screens, slotted screens, rubber screens and Polyurethane wear-resistant sieve plates, etc.

(4) The materials are also different. Common linear screens are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, while bran dehydration screens are generally made of carbon steel.

(5) Price difference. Due to the special structure of bran dehydration sieve, the price of bran dehydration sieve is generally much higher than that of ordinary linear sieve, but the effect of dehydration is also very different.