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The Usage And Classification of Bouncing Balls For Vibrating Screen

 1.The usage of bouncing balls

Bouncing balls are a essential part of vibration screen, and during vibration screen running, bouncing balls continuous to knock the screen mesh, so as to achieve the screen cleaning, improve the purpose of passing the screen mesh, and can also have the effect of reducing vibration, increase the using life of vibration screen.

2.The classification of bouncing balls
According to the different material mainly divided into two kinds: rubber balls and silicon balls.

1)Rubber balls
Rubber balls are made of white rubber, having heavy weight, good elasticity, cheap cost and other features. However, the resistance to temperature is poor, especially not cold, and at a certain temperature, it will lose its elasticity, and easily fall off. More suitable for general material screening.

2)Silicon balls
Silicone balls are made of translucent or nearly transparent silicone with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, high bounce, no pollution, non-toxic and tasteless and other features. Mainly suitable for food, pharmaceutical industry and environmental protection industry with higher requirement.