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Why Sieving Quartz Sand Must Use Linear Vibrating Screen

The length, width and mesh size of the linear vibrating screen can be customized according to the needs of customers, and it is widely used in food, chemical, fertilizer, plastic, abrasive and other industries. For quartz sand, why choose a linear vibrating screen instead of a round vibration screen?

First of all, from the aspect of fineness, the particle size of quartz sand to be sieved is less than 120 mesh, and the sieving layers is relatively large. After the layers of the round vibrating screen exceeds three layers, the excitation force can hardly be transmitted to the top. The screening effect is not good, therefore, the screening equipment commonly used for screening quartz sand, vibrating screen manufacturers will recommend the use of linear vibrating screen.
Secondly, from the aspect of sieving output, under normal circumstances, the quartz sand production line requires higher output, which is generally up to 5t / h. Due to the limited effective screening area of the rotary vibrating screen, the use of ordinary round vibrating screens cannot meet its screening needs. Therefore, the large-scale & multi-layer linear vibrating screen is mostly used on the quartz sand production line.

Therefore, linear vibrating screens are mostly used as screening equipment in quartz sand production lines.