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What are the applications of rotary sieve in desulfurization process

Application of rotary vibrating screen in desulfurization process:

At present, the technologies used in domestic and foreign sintering flue gas desulfurization mainly include the double alkali method, the magnesium oxide method, the ammonia-ammonium sulfate method, the limestone-gypsum method, and the organic catalytic method.
There are many types of sintering desulfurization processes, short commissioning time, and most of them are in trial operation. There are quite a few desulfurization units with unsatisfactory operating results, and some are reforming while running.

The slurry lime slurry with a solid content of 15% to 30% is filtered by a vibrating screen and then flows into the slurry tank to prepare a qualified lime slurry. The large particles in the lime slurry can be filtered and classified in advance, which has an effect on the slurry atomization To a pivotal role. The mesh size is generally 200 meshes. The contact with the slurry must be made of stainless steel to avoid strong acid and alkali reactions.