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German customers choose rotary vibrating screen to achieve pea grading

2024-06-04 15:09:16

 German customers are looking for an efficient process to achieve pea grading. They need to classify peas into three different size ranges and require an hourly output of 200-300 kg. To achieve this goal, we recommended a reliable solution to customers - using a three-layer rotary vibrating screen with a diameter of three layers.

The design of this rotary vibrating screen has been carefully considered to meet the requirements of the food industry. For the part in contact with the material, we chose 304 material to ensure the hygiene and safety of the product. In order to achieve the grading of peas, we specially configured three woven meshes with different apertures: 9 mm, 7 mm and 5 mm.
By using this rotary vibrating screen, peas will be graded on the screen and accurately classified according to their size. Smaller peas will be screened out through a 5 mm aperture, medium-sized peas will be screened out through a 7 mm aperture, and larger peas will be screened out through a 9 mm aperture.
The design of this three-layer rotary vibrating screen is very suitable for customer needs. It has an efficient output, and the requirement of 200-300 kg per hour can be easily achieved