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The screw conveyor conveys the flour

2024-04-25 17:34:27

 This year, a food factory in the U.S. used a screw conveyor to transport starch, sugar and other materials to the puffing machine to ensure the continuous production line.However, due to the food particulate material has easy to absorb moisture, easy to stick and other characteristics, the factory used the screw conveyor using stainless steel and other smooth surface materials, to ensure that the material will not stick to the screw blade, thus improving the production efficiency.

Solutions to critical problems

1. How to adjust the conveying volume and speed of materials: According to the characteristics of materials and conveying needs, the speed and angle of spiral blades can be adjusted to achieve accurate conveying of materials.

2.How to solve the characteristics of materials such as easy moisture absorption and adhesion? Using different pipeline materials and surface treatment techniques, such as using smooth stainless steel materials and coating surface techniques.

spiral conveyor as an important conveying equipment, has a simple structure, simple operation, tube conveying, effectively avoid powder flying. Screw conveyor's motor can be rotated forward and backward, not easy to store material cleaning convenient and uniform feeding to the vibrating screen, mixer or other equipment.

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