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How to prevent damage to the power box of the ultrasonic vibrating screen?

2024-04-23 16:24:01

 A friend asked ultrasonic vibrating screen power box to prevent damage to the method you know? Today for this issue to do the following share, so that you understand the ultrasonic vibrating screen power supply to prevent damage to the method.

1, pay attention to the voltage poles: pay special attention to the voltage poles when connecting the power supply to ensure the correct connection to prevent damage to the power supply due to connecting the wrong one.

2, adjust the power and current: under the premise of being able to achieve the screening effect, try to adjust the power grade to a lower level, and ensure that the current does not exceed 0.4, in order to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and damage caused by power overcurrent.

3, the timing of operation and screen status: ensure that the screen is fully stretched and tightened before turning on the ultrasonic system, otherwise it is easy to generate power overcurrent and damage the transducer

4, Periodic Inspection and Tightening: Periodically inspect and tighten the aerial plug screws on the sensor, as well as inspect the data cable for damage. Use insulating tape to wrap the aerial connector and data cable to prevent dust from entering and affecting power performance.

5, the working environment and material handling: If the material is conductive, ensure that the power supply box away from the material site to prevent the material into the power supply box caused by a short circuit. At the same time, ensure that the use of power supply box well ventilated to avoid overheating.

6, standardized operation and maintenance: follow the specifications of the equipment operation manual for operation, regular maintenance of equipment, including cleaning the screen, lubrication of key parts, etc., a prolonged equipment life and report the stability of the power supply.

In summary, by paying attention to the voltage poles, adjusting the power and current, choosing the right time to operate, regularly checking and fastening the components, ensuring the safety of the working environment and ventilation, as well as standardizing the operation and maintenance, you can effectively prevent the damage to the power supply of ultrasonic vibrating screen.

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