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Trommel Screen

2020-07-21 22:00:22

The trommel screen is composed of five parts: hexagonal drum, frame, funnel, reducer and motor. The roller device is installed obliquely on the frame, and the motor is linked with the roller device via the reducer to drive the roller device to rotate around its axis. After the material enters the roller device, the material on the screen surface is turned and rolled due to the inclination and rotation of the roller device. The product under the screen is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, and the unqualified material (the product on the screen) is discharged through the discharge port at the rear of the drum. Because the material turns and rolls in the drum, the material stuck in the screen hole can be It is ejected to prevent clogging of the sieve holes. The principle structure of the drum sieve sand machine and drum sieve machine is almost the same as that of the drum sieve, which is different from people's understanding and terminology.

Main Feature
1. Screen holes are not easy to block
2. Smooth operation and low noise
3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance
4. The sieving cylinder can be closed, easy to seal dust
5. High reliability
6. Adopt special screen, high screening efficiency, long service life

Scope of application:
1. Stone plant is used for grading large and small stones, and separating soil and stone powder
2. Sand and gravel plant is used to separate from sand and gravel
3. The coal industry is used to separate lump coal and coal powder, and wash coal
4. Used in chemical industry and mineral processing industry to classify large and small blocks and separate powdery materials