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Screening Treatment Of Aluminum Paste

Brief introduction of aluminum paste:

Aluminum silver paste belongs to 33646 category: paints, auxiliary materials and coatings containing secondary flammable solvents.

Aluminum-silver paste is mainly composed of aluminum powder, solvents and additives.

Aluminum silver paste is a kind of pigment. It has undergone special processing technology and surface treatment to make the surface of the aluminum sheet smooth and flat, with neat edges, regular shapes, concentrated particle size distribution, and excellent matching with the coating system.

Production process:
Related to the vibrating screen are mainly include ball mill grinding → magnetic separator magnetic separation → vibrating screen screening.

Screening mesh number and configuration:
1. Screening mesh number: 150 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 mesh
2. Material characteristics: flammable and explosive (dangerous goods)
3. Screening purpose: mainly for grading; the equipment is generally one layer, one mixing tank is equipped with 3 screening machines, relatively high precision is required for screening, and the requirements for screens are very strict.