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  • bucket elevator The bucket elevator fault handling

    When the elevator is at fault, you should analyze cause, make record and handle it timely. The possible fault and processing method are shown in the following table for reference in the using and maintenance.

  • DY series mobile belt conveyor The operating procedure of DY series mobile belt conveyor

    The operator of this machine all should observe and be familiar with the operating procedure and be responsible for the operation, maintenance and storage of this machine.

  • DY series mobile belt conveyor The maintenance of DY series mobile belt conveyor

    1)the suitable environment temperature for conveyor belt is form -10 degrees to 40 degrees. When transport materials of acid, alkali, oil or organic solvent and other components, it is necessary to use a special type conveyor belt with acid and alkali or oil resistant. 2)Each class should carry on the daily maintenance work after use

  • iron-oxide-yellow-round-separator-6 Iron oxide yellow round separator test run

    Accompany with fine rain, the all salseman went to our factory for learning product knowledge and make a test for our customer.

  • ultrasonic-sieve-1_1 The Replacing Process of Ultrasonic Sieve

    Recently, some customers told us that they are strange for the replacing of ultrasonic sieve. There are some problems in the replacing process. So, Dayong Machinery explains the specific steps of replacing fine ultrasonic sieve for this kind of problems.

  • ultrasonic-sieve-shaker-1 Ultrasonic sieve shaker

    January, 2016, Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Company sold an ultrasonic sieve shaker.

  • scraper-rotary-vibrating-screen-1 Distinctive Features of Scraper Rotary Vibrating Screen

    The R & D Background of Scraper Rotary Vibrating Screen Scraper rotary vibrating screen was refitted by rotary vibrating screen, which was installed an scraper device on the inlet. So, the scraper rotary vibrating screen was also called mandatory screen. The research and development significance of this scraper rotary vibrating screen was most clients told us that there were some little granule block the sieve and influence the sieving efficiency and there were some impurities blocking in the fine net when filtering liquid material.

  • stainless-steel-gyro-sifter-1 How to Distinguish the Stainless Steel 201 and 304 gyro sifter

    Everybody knows that the texture of vibrating screen was divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. The stainless steel also was divided into 201 and 304. Now, the technicists from Xinxiang Dayong Machinery would teach you how to distinguish stainless steel 201 and 304.

  • soybean-milk-filter-1 The application of 450 filter machine in soybean milk

    The soybean milk is the most common food, which is grinded by soybean that had been watered. There are some bean dregs in the soybean milk. Even though the sieve on grinder outlet, the milk and dregs could be filtered, it is still not meet the need for people's life. For making much delicious soybean milk and soybean products, the sieve size should be 100-200 mesh in tofu processing line, while the sieve size should be 200-300 mesh in tofu skin and dried tofu processing line.

  • screw-conveyor-classification-1 The classification and working principle of screw conveyor

    1. The classification of screw conveyor. 2. The working principle of screw conveyor

  • vibration-table-1 The adjustment, use and maintenance of the vibration table

    1. It's normal phenomenon the vibration table would swing drastically in few seconds when the machine start and stop. but it will be normal about 5 seconds. 2.The adjustment on exciting force

  • swaying-circular-screen-1 YBS swaying circular screen features

    1. Easy to install and teared down because of it's special circular building block assemble structure. 2. No mesh plug, no dust flying, can be reached 500 mesh or 0.028mm screening. 3. Mainly screening for hyperfine materials especially suit for the materials hard to handle.

  • linear-vibrating-screen-1 Why your capacity of linear vibrating screen capacity is so poor ?

    The linear vibrating screen is one of the most common sieving equipment, which could be adjusted to 1-6 layers according to customers’ specific needs with a large capacity. However, with the popularization of linear vibrating screen, some of problems are coming. One of them is the capacity is lower and lower. Now, the technician from Dayong Vibration Equipment Company would analyze the causes of this problem.

  • discharge-vibrating-sieve-1 Matters need attention when installing screen surface on discharge sieve

    The screen surface would damage after a period using. So, the operator should inspect machine regularly before start machine. If the screen surface damaged, the operator should replace it on time and avoid unnecessary loss. Before replacing screen surface, the operator should care following points:

  • discharge-sieve-1 The main differences between rotary vibrating screen and discharge sieve

    The vibrating screen is widely used in industry. With industrial development, different capacity, different material, the restriction of ground and the different screening accuracy. Many types of screening machines have emerged. Such as rotary vibrating screen , linear vibrating sieve, testing sieve, discharge sieve.Everyone is familiar with rotary vibrating sieve, but what’s discharge sieve ?

  • vibratory-feeder-1 The installation and maintenance of vibratory feeder

    Installation: 1 The vibrating feeder outlet should be installed 10° downward, 15° downward when the sticky materials and the much water content. If it is used for dosing or quantified feeding, the vibrating feeder should be installed horizontally to prevent the material backflow and keep material balanced and steadily. 2 The installed machine should be keep at least 20mm moving clearance to keep the machine free state.

  • rotary-vibrating-sieve-1 How to replace the screen surface of rotary vibrating sieve

    1.Loose down the clamp and disassemble the upper frame. 2.Turn over the seal ring and loose down the stretching screen ring, take away the damaged screen cloth. 3.Spread the new screen cloth on the frame, fasten the stretching screen ring.

  • screw-conveyor-1 The introduction of screw conveyor vane

    1. The molding methods of vane. 2. The texture classification of screw conveyor vane.

  • gyratory-vibrating-screen-1 The features, operations and maintenance of gyratory vibrating screen

    1. Features. 2. Operation. 3. Maintenance.

  • bucket-elevator-1 How to choose suitable bucket elevator driving spares ?

    1. The plate-link chain. 2. Circular chain. 3. Rubber or canvas crawler.

  • gyro-screen-bouncing-ball-1 The indispensable spare of cleaning the gyro screen cloth--"bouncing ball"

    1. Rubber ball. 2. Silica gel ball. 3.The function of "jumping ball" .

  • ultrasonic-sieve-1_1 The breakdown and solution of ultrasonic sieve

    1. Abnormal noise when start machine. 2. No reaction when start machine. 3. No display on the power box after power on. 4. The material cannot discharge automatically.

  • drum-screen-1 The features of solid drum screen

    1. Large capacity. 2. Great screening effect. 3. Excellent grading effect.

  • discharge-vibratory-sieve-1 The installing process of discharge vibratory sieve

    1. First, the operator installs the rubber spring on the pedestal. The rubber is easy to install and disassemble without lubrication, which has a great damping effect and good effect of soundproof. 2. Put bottom frame and out let on the rubber spring.

  • ultrasonic-sieve-1 The distinctive features of ultrasonic sieve

    1. High efficiency. 2. High precision. 3. Self-cleaning machine. 4. Multi-function ultrasonic sieve. 5. No destruction of material.

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